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The Objectives
of the Middle East Peace Forum (NAFFO)

The Middle East Peace Forum (German: Nahost Friedensforum - NAFFO)

  • NAFFO is a group of dedicated German citizens who are all committed to peaceful political and social developments in the Middle East.
  • Based on a foundation of shared democratic values NAFFO engages in regular and forward-looking dialogue with policy-makers in Germany.
  • Through its work, NAFFO has access to excellent contacts and resources and offers its interlocutors a reliable source of exclusive information.


  • Through its activities, NAFFO wants to increase understanding in German politics regarding the complexity of the situation in the Middle East.
  • NAFFO is committed to a two-state solution.

Basic Principles

  • NAFFO's work is based on the principles of democracy, secularism and the rule of law and is deeply committed to the preservation of human rights.
  • It is for this reason that the initiative supports Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and its inviolable right to exist. Secure borders and coexistence with neighbouring countries are the foundations of longlasting peace in the Middle East.
  • Likewise, NAFFO welcomes all religious and political movements in the Arab world that espouse values such as tolerance and democracy and that are dedicated to building a peaceful Middle East.
  • NAFFO is non-partisan. Our discussions remain confidential, all our events are held under Chatham House Rules, and NAFFdoes not persue coverage in the media.